Herb Grey Parkway Casino Guide – TOP 30 Casino and Gambling Terms

Being a pro at online casino games requires you to have the right tricks & strategies and also requires you to get your gambling vocabulary right. Knowing what means what will be another advantage. So, Herb Grey Parkway Casino Project gambling experts from Ontario are here to get those casino terms and gambling slangs at the tip of your fingers.

Casino Terms

Important gambling words and their meaning

The casino is a whole different world that operates according to rules and principles. It also has its own jargon. It is a lexicon of terms used in the casino game. Indeed, all casino games have a very specific vocabulary, whether it is poker, baccarat, slot machines, blackjack or roulette… According to the recommendations of gambling professionals from this popular Canada online casino, a player especially from Ontario, must be proficient in the modes of expression used in the game he wants to play.. Besides that, there is a general vocabulary used in all casino games. This is the basis for anyone who wants to play a casino game. In both land-based and online casinos, these phrases are commonly used and are considered the most important to remember. The most important gambling terminology:


The term a dealer uses to tell a player that it is his/her turn to wager.


A bet that uses winnings from the previous games to play current games.


The fixed amount of money that is available to wager.


The person, usually in live dealer games who pays out winnings and takes lost bets


The action of putting a specific sum of money at risk in a game for a chance to win.

Betting Limit

The minimum and maximum amounts that a player can bet on different games


Special offers that casinos give to their players to act as incentives to attract new players and encourage loyalty.

Cash Out

Transferring funds from your online casino account to your bank account through a preferred payment method.


Additional bets placed by a player to regain the amount lost.

Comp Points

Points given as rewards to players in a casino’s VIP or loyalty program. They can be withdrawn as cash or exchanged for prizes.


A French word referring to the dealer, mostly in Roulette.


A professional person responsible for directing the game in live casino table games.


Payment made by players to their online casino account through their preferred payment method.

Deposit Bonus

The amount offered to new players for making their first deposit. Most casinos will match the deposit by a certain percentage up to a given value.

High Roller

Casino slang used to refer to a player who bets high stakes.


The casino.

House Edge 

A casino’s advantage in its games; determined by the ratio of an expected loss to the amount wagered.


The largest prize offered. A fixed jackpot has its amount set by the casino, while a progressive jackpot grows with time until a player wins it.

Live Dealer Games

Online casino games that use live dealers and players can play in real time.

Loyalty Program

A method used by online casinos to give regular players rewards based on their gaming activities.


The ratio set by an online casino to show the chance of winning a game.


The amount that a player will receive after they win a bet.

Payment Methods

The options used to deposit and cash out funds in an online casino. Popular payment methods include bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets.

Reload Bonus

A casino bonus offered to regular players for depositing in their casino accounts.

VIP Player 

A high-value player in a casino. These players play frequently and place large bets.

Side Bet

A type of bet placed on certain casino games whose outcome isn’t directly related to the game.


The amount that a player bets.


These are games where players spin three or more reels to match combinations of symbols across the determined pay lines.


The total winnings that a player receives on a bet.

Wagering Requirements 

The amount of money a player will need to bet before cashing out their bonus winnings.

Gambling terms

Why do I need to know gambling slang?

The glossary is compiled by Herb Grey Parkway experts, and it contains key slang and gambling jargon

To Up Your Game           

The atmosphere is usually heated when playing casino games, and the last thing you want is to pause the game to ask for clarification. The game moves fast, so you need to know a few casino terminologies in case they come up.

Look Like A Pro   

Pro gambler

If you want to avoid looking like a rookie, make sure you know a couple of casino slang. Other players will have the impression that you’re a pro and will think of you as competition.

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